Police K-9 Blitz       #18-054

Police K-9 Blitz, a German Shepherd from Poland, is certified in Narcotics Detection, Tracking and Handler Protection. Blitz travels all over Colorado to search buildings and cars, and look for criminals. 

Because of his furry appearance and friendly personality, Blitz is a crowd favorite while serving as an Ambassador for the Colorado Rangers, where he is always on the lookout for missing children and criminals. 

Blitz loves playing in the water and snow, and finding drugs. He really dislikes bad guys who try to assault his fellow police officers.

Can you tell that Blitz seems to know when his photo is being taken?






Police K-9 Val       #18-070

Police K-9 Valor is a remarkable female Belgian Malinois rescue from Colorado Springs. K-9 Valor specializes in and is Law Enforcement certified in Explosives Detection. K-9 Valor travels throughout the State of Colorado, securing events and special venues ensuring the safety of the public.

Valor is a very quick study and continues to learn and grow, even on her off time. One of the ways she accomplishes this is by watching other Police K-9’s at work. Even at home, she insists upon watching police shows where K-9 teams are profiled!

Please continue to follow Police K-9 Valor on the Colorado Rangers website and social media. And if you happen to catch Valor out-and-about, please stop by and thank her for her service keeping our communities in Colorado safe!