The Colorado Rangers have historically operated one of the premier Police K-9 programs in the nation which included Police K-9 Blitz       #18-054.

Police K-9 Blitz, a German Shepherd from Poland, was certified in Narcotics Detection, Tracking and Handler Protection. Blitz traveled all over Colorado searching buildings and cars as well as looking for missing children and criminals. 

Blitz loved playing in the water and snow, and finding drugs. He really disliked bad guys who tried to assault his fellow police officers.

Can you tell that Blitz seems to know when his photo is being taken?



May 11, 2019

The National Police Canine Association conducted a 4-day, advanced training course in Jackson, WY last week.  K-9 teams, consisting of the handler and dog, from law enforcement agencies around the country trained very hard and were tested for the certification required to be considered a "Dual Purpose" dog. 

In this training and certification course, the "Patrol 1" designation is considered a passing score with one or more faults.  Patrol 2 is a perfect score.

Other than Blitz and his handler, all other participants the training were full-time K-9s, many of which have been on the streets for up to 7 years with their handlers having up to 20 years of experience.

Only 4 K-9s teams received the Patrol 2 certification.  Blitz and his handler were among those 4 teams.  Go Blitz!