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While there is no obligation associated with the submission of this form, it is intended for use by those who are genuinely interested in the possibility of applying to our agency.

It's not a job!  It's an honor.
While all Reserve Police Officers are not compensated with money, payment comes in the form of appreciation and admiration for making Colorado communities safer.  Rangers perform their duties to serve and protect as a way of giving back as well as to support and serve alongside those who have chosen Law Enforcement as a career.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Application Processing & Academy Cycle
Our next Academy Class 9 will begin SOON in 2020 on a date to be determined in late summer or early fall.  The impact of COVID-19 required us to reschedule the start of Class 9 from May 29, 2020 to a later date this year.

The timeline is short now to complete the processing of your application, background investigation and interviews to get you into Class 9 but there is still time if you willing and able to move quickly!

If you already have a current Colorado P.O.S.T. Certification.
After a discussion and an interview interview, those with a current Colorado P.O.S.T. Basic or Reserve Certification are welcome to apply throughout the year since they do not need to attend our Reserve Police Academy.

What to expect after submitting this form.
No auto-generated, confirmation email is sent to you because that pathway is often used by spammers to send email to third parties.  Instead, one of our individual Troop Officers will contact you to answer questions and provide you with more information including the next step to take if you decide to proceed. 

Please be sure to provide your correct email address and to check your spam/junk folder if you have not received a response via email or phone within 5 days.  Otherwise, please resubmit your inquiry using this form in case there was an issue somewhere in Internet traffic.

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This would be your home Troop with us in the area that is closest to your residence or work for convenience.  However, Rangers may accept posted duty shifts in other areas with any of our Partner Agencies. If you are interested only in attending our Reserve Academy, and NOT to become a Colorado Ranger, select that value.

Prior P.O.S.T. certification is not required as we run our own Academy. However, if you have current or expired P.O.S.T. certification, please include details in your background information.

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